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Traditional methods of protecting concrete – which in most cases is the primary material utilized for constructing basement foundation walls, have been membranes and other surface applied coatings and barriers. These materials leave the cement structure susceptible to water and chemical damage as they function only at the surface, in good condition and when properly installed. ASSURE Waterproofing system is different as it creates a crystalline structure deep within cement pores, microcracks and capillary tracts which in turn prevents the penetration of water and other chemicals into the structure. Because ASSURE Waterproofing system in not dependent on surface adhesion, it is not subject to the deterioration problems encountered by surface applied coatings and membranes. As the ASSURE Waterproofing system becomes an integral part of the cement structure, it becomes permanent, resistant to extreme hydrostatic pressure and it reactivates whenever water becomes present, causing further expansion and sealing into the structure This process takes place through chemical diffusion in which a high density solution will migrate through a lower density solution.

Our waterproofing solutions lifetime is the life of the structure.

Another words – your foundation walls and your basement are safe for life.

Mortar Joints Leaks

Most common source of water intrusion in basements.

ASSURE Waterproofing system takes care of your mortar joints leaks and stops water intrusion.

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Cove Joints

Most common source of water intrusion in basements.

ASSURE Waterproofing seals cove joints the way they should be sealed to prevent water intrusion.

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Floor Cracks

Floor slab cracks are natural with age and are source of water intrusion.

ASSURE Waterproofing system will eliminate any floor cracks and will reinforce cement structure.

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Foundation Cracks

Usually caused by settlement or strong hydrostatic pressure.

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Tie Rods

Another common source of foundation wall leakage.

ASSURE Waterproofing system will eliminate moisture and seal tie rod openings.

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Pipe Penetration

Old rusty pipes allow water intrusion.

ASSURE Waterproofing system removes moisture from cement and seals any openings.

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Porous Concrete

Easy access for water to penetrate foundation wall.

ASSURE Waterproofing removes porous concrete and then replaces and seals new concrete.

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Window Wells

Extensive water in window wells is a common source of water intrusion.

ASSURE Waterproofing approaches each window well water intrusion issue individually.

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ASSURE Waterproofing Technology

ASSURE Waterproofing utilizes innovative Crystalline technology that has been tested, proven and utilized in commercial and industrial applications for more than 40 years throughout the world. Until not so long ago, this technology was specifically utilized for large industrial projects such as; Wastewater collection and treatment tanks, Water treatment plants, Water holding structures, Tunnels, Bridges, Power and Utilities, Dams and Irrigation, Marine structures, Industrial Structures.

ASSURE Waterproofing Benefits

  • Improved durability and performance of concrete structure

  • Does not require dry surface to be applied

  • Does not require surface priming or leveling

  • Resistant to extreme hydrostatic pressure

  • Not subject to the deterioration problems encountered by membranes.

  • Cannot puncture, tear, or come apart at the seams

  • It can be applied on either side of a concrete surface

  • Does not require sealing, lapping and finishing

  • Not dependent on surface adhesion to achieve its waterproofing effect.

  • Permanent and reactivates whenever water is present.


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