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Basement Waterproofing

ASSURE Basement waterproofing company proudly serves Chicago, Cook County, Lake County and DuPage County homeowners and businesses. We specialize in basement / concrete waterproofing in new and old buildings.

Basement waterproofing is the easiest to do at the earliest stage of construction, when cement is fresh and there are no obstacles getting in the way of surface application. It is also better to waterproof a basement when there are no walls/partitions/framing or drywall covering the concrete surface.

Dealing in construction for many years and dealing with different water proofing companies and the different solutions they offer, it was rather difficult to find a solution that would make perfect sense from start and in turn it would make other solutions look irrelevant.

Our waterproofing solution is just that!

Waterproofing that works through a process called chemical diffusion which hardens concrete to a point where it does not absorb water or chemicals.

What other type of waterproofing makes more sense than changing the chemical composition of foundation material so that it becomes waterproof and stronger in itself…

Foundation Crack Repair

There are 3 common types of foundation cracks. They are:

Vertical Foundation Cracks Repair Chicago

A vertical foundation crack as the name hints, is a crack that goes straight up and down or slightly diagonal (as a rule within 30 degrees of vertical). This is the least concerning type of a home foundation crack and is most likely present in just about every house. These cracks are caused by foundation settling, and it is even common for new built houses to have these cracks as a home’s foundation can settle greatly within the first few years of construction. They occur because concrete is very strong under compression but cracks quite easily under tension.

These cracks are not usually a structural concern but they are an easy access point for water to penetrate the foundation wall. In most cases, water tends to penetrate during heavy rains.

ASSURE Waterproofing fixes vertical cracks with a specialty two component product consisting of a specialized liquid polymer dispersion and a cementitious powder.

Vertical Foundation Crack Repair Chicago

Floor and Foundation Crack Repair

Floor and Foundation crack repair done by ASSURE Waterproofing professionals is a one time permanent solution to your problem.  Our sophisticated and innovative crack filler compound is an exceptional adhesive which has elongation characteristics . Our filler is a two component product consisting of a specialized liquid polymer dispersion and a cementitious powder. These components are mixed just prior to application.

Our product is specifically designed for repairing cracks subject to movement, sealing construction joints, restoring deteriorated concrete, and waterproofing concrete structures.

Recommended for:

  • Moving Cracks
  • Construction Joints
  • Deteriorated Concrete Surfaces
  • Concrete Block Walls
  • Balconies, Terraces, and Planters
  • Water-holding Structures
  • Sewage and Water Treatment Tanks
  • Marine Structures
  • Thermal Contraction and Expansion


  • Flexible
  • Superior elongation properties
  • Excellent adhesive qualities
  • Impermeable to water and chlorides
  • Breathable, seamless
  • Durable, retains properties in climatic extremes
  • Non-toxic, solvent-free, odorless
  • Effective when subjected to thermal contraction and expansion

Commercial Waterproofing Specialists

ASSURE Waterproofing offers commercial cement waterproofing and restoration services to contractors, builders, property owners, management/maintenance companies and more. Our innovative waterproofing solution allows us to permanently waterproof your structure from either the negative or the positive side.

For many structures, being able to waterproof from the negative side (inside of property) is a huge advantage. For many buildings and structures within a congested metropolitan area such as Chicago for ex., it is extremely difficult if not impossible to open up ground around foundation walls in order to perform the waterproofing work. If it is possible to excavate around the property, most of the time the demolition, excavation and restoration costs are very high and account for 80-90% of the total waterproofing cost.

Our innovative waterproofing solution eliminates the need for excavation as all the work can be performed from inside of the building/structure, thus eliminating a lot of labor, cost and the time it takes to complete the waterproofing job.

Our Commercial Waterproofing Solution is Recommended for:

  • Basements
  • Reservoirs
  • Sewage and Water Treatment Plants
  • Underground Vaults
  • Secondary Containment Structures
  • Foundations
  • Tunnels and Subway Systems
  • Swimming Pools
  • Parking Structures


  • Resists extreme hydrostatic pressure
  • Becomes an integral part of the substrate
  • Can seal static hairline cracks up to 0.4 mm
  • Can be applied to the positive or the negative side of the concrete surface
  • Allows concrete to breathe
  • Highlyresistant to aggressive chemicals
  • Non-toxic / noVOCs
  • Does not require a dry surface
  • Cannot puncture, tear or come apart at the seams
  • No costly surface priming or leveling prior to application
  • Does not require sealing, lapping and finishing of seams at corners, edges or between membranes
  • Does not require protection during backfilling or during placement of steel, wire mesh or other materials
  • Less costly to apply than most other methods
  • Not subject to deterioration
  • Permanent
  • Available in white for enhanced illumination

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